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Hi Everyone!!

Happy New Year everyone!! 2015 is here and it’s time to accomplish whatever we didn’t get to accomplish in 2014… Out with the old and in with the new… I don’t usually set resolutions, but I will say this much.. My goal for 2015 is to publish at least 10 novels… I just published # 1 today, and number 2 will be released sometime this month.. I also committed myself to starting my online store within a few months… I will be selling, T-shirts, Hoodies, ceramic mugs, plastic mugs, journals with pen, throw pillows, and something new which is knitting, as soon as I get the technique down, I will be knitting blankets and all types of stuff like that… I will definitely share the link to the new website when it’s ready… I’m determined to continue on with my Healthy Living, and consistently drink my green juices… I hope that you all will continue to follow me on my journey of making my dreams come true, Healthy Living and Good Writing… 


~Tracey Reddick~ The Pink Goddess Writer

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