My journey of writing

Hey everyone! 👋
     I have been writing for about 6 months now.. I wrote 3 short stories, but then I just combined them together to make it one book with all 3 parts.. That story was about a girl being bullied, the life of the bully, and the end result of the bullying. I decided to write that story because I had a dream about and it kept nagging at me so I finally started writing. My 2nd book is a novel called Why wont she love me? (A teenager’s cry) Which is about a teenage girl who has been physically, mentally, and verbally abused by her mom since she was 6 years old. Throughout that story the girl found out that her mother has suffered with deep mental issues for years.. Part 2 of that story will be released in March, it goes deeper into the family roots about the abuse and the mental issues…
I’m currently working on 2 more novels because I had dreams about these stories and they just wont leave me alone so I’m now writing them.. 1 is called What happened to Abby (A father’s pain) This book is about a father trying to understand what happened to his daughter.. The other book is called Moving on which is about a young woman struggling to find her place in the world… Each of these books are different genres.. I choose to write in different genres because different stories come to me.. I’m content with the way I write and I hope that everyone who decides to give my books a try will enjoy what they read… See you in the books!!
Tracey Reddick
Pink Goddess Writer

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