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Hi Everyone,

I want to talk a little about friendship.. Now many of us meet new people almost every day and sometimes we may click with each other and sometimes we just may not. But I believe that everyone that comes into our lives come for a reason, whether it is to stay permanently or whether it is just to put us through a trial. Either way they were there for a reason..

Just recently I had someone in my life that I trusted and loved as a friend/sister, I believed her when she told me that she loved me as a sister as well.. We did things that sisters do together and we were there for each other when the need came, but then months down the line I started to notice a change in her. I tried to overlook it as nothing, but in all reality it was something. After about 3 months of dealing with it I finally decided to confront her about what I was feeling hoping that she would be able to clear things up with me, because that’s what sisters do, they talk it out and get past it together. Well it didn’t happen that way and I am still working myself through it. Recently I heard the most disturbing news about certain lies she told on me and I must admit I got completely angry and wanted to drive over to her house to confront her. Then I had to think about it, I am way to old to be going through any type of teenage drama and lies with anyone so I decided to just not say anything.. Now I’m here trying to forgive her for the lies that she told and just move on from it all, but honestly, I can’t find it in my heart to forgive her.. Does that make me a bad person? Her and I do not talk anymore and I haven’t seen her in over 3 months.. I’ve never gone through anything this deep in my life before so it makes it kind of hard to just forget about it. I don’t want to appear to be someone that’s immature, but what am I supposed to do? I have let go and let God handle it because I know only he can provide the best assistance, but I promise you that this process is extremely hard to get through.

I believe that maybe I need to stop being so trustworthy of others, but the thing with that is I have a heart I try to help anyone in need because that is just me

I don’t want this incident to make me bitter and have me to the point where I no longer care about other people’s needs, because I’m truly not that type

of person..

I understand that she was my trial that God put me through and I pray that I have passed the test given to me

although she has done this to me, I still don’t hate her.. Honestly I feel sorry for her because I found out that I’m

not the only one that she has done this too, I pray that she learns how to be a better person because not having

anyone on your side can be a lonely spot..

I make sure I add her in my daily prayers and hope that helps..

Tracey Reddick… aka… Pink Goddess Writer

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