Writer’s Block

Going through the changes of writer’s block is what I have recently experienced for the first time. I was completely distraught over the fact that I couldn’t write. It was so weired to me because, although I couldn’t write, the voices in my head kept bringing stories to me.. I was confused because when I would sit down to write, I would be stuck.. This went on for about a month and I was finally ready to just give up and move on..

Then one night about 3am, I had this dream that woke me up instantly.. I jumped up and hopped on my laptop and started to type, when I finally decided to take a break, it was 7am! I decided to shut my laptop down for a while and chill because I was scared I was going to over do it and get blocked again.. For the next couple of days I wrote and just could not stop.. By the time I reached the 4th day, I had given birth to 67k words! Can you say happy! For another week I went through the editing process then I finally sent it to my editor for finalization… I don’t completely understand writer’s block, but what I can say is , coming out of it was the most wonderful feeling I have had lately when it came to writing.. Now I am on a roll and there are 4 books awaiting release dates!
I guess this is what they mean when they say, “The life of a writer”.
Now it’s time for some coffee, music, laptop, notebook, and pen… Yup! The life of a writer! 💜💜📒📖📚✏✏

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