It came to an end

As I was driving down the highway I was so nervous it was hard to contain myself. I was going over what happened in my head and how I was going to explain it to Trina. She’s my best friend and she always said she would do anything for me. I hope she meant it because this is the time I need her more than anything. I looked at the speedometer and realized I was driving way to fast. I slowed down so no attention would be brought to me. As I was switching lanes, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror. I was so pissed when I looked at myself. The past two hours played over and over in my head.

“James! Please! You said you wouldn’t do this again!” I pleaded as he continued pounding on my back as I was balled up in the corner. 

“Bitch! He yelled as he grabbed me by my hair. I told you if you don’t listen to me I was gonna kick ya ass!”

I no longer had any fight left in me, I just laid there and allowed him to beat me because by that time there was no more pain. As I was laying there feeling myself fading in and out I caught a glimpse of Bria coming out the room. I Knew at that moment I had to do something. I looked to my left and saw the vase sitting on the floor right at my head. With whatever strength I had left inside me, I picked the vase up, screamed loudly, and swung it right over the top of his head. He instantly fell down while holding his head. I jumped up and ran to Bria before she could see what was going on. It was dark in the hallway so she couldn’t see my face. I picked her up and took her back into her room. I laid her in the bed and told her not to come out her room until I come get her.

As I was walking out her room I grabbed a piece of protection and knew exactly what had to be done to finally put an end to the abuse. I was at the point where I could no longer take it. I walked back into the Living room a different person and calmly spoke to him as he laid on the floor bleeding profusely from his head.

“James, we’ve been together for six years and you have abused me for five of those years. Today is the day that I put an end to it, I will no longer allow myself to suffer.” 

“Bitch! He said trying to get up. When I get up I’m gonna kill ya stupid ass!” 

Those were the last words he would ever be allowed to speak.

4 thoughts on “It came to an end”

  1. Good on her I gather she iced him, probably metaphorically, though it is sometimes nice to think of actual revenge or justice that’s not what freedom and lack of abuse will entail? Thank you for popping by today.

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