We beat the odds

It was Friday morning, and I lay wide awake in my bed before the alarm even rang. Today is the day that we get the results from the scan. I am so nervous about hearing what the Doctor has to say. All of the scans have been bad, and I was just afraid to hear more bad news. If it didn’t have an affect, this time, I fear that I’m going to lose my mother. I can’t lose her; she’s all I have. She pretends to be strong, but I know she’s just as afraid as me. I don’t know if she is afraid of dying, or just afraid of knowing that I will be left alone when she’s gone. I always assure her that I will always be fine no matter what because she has taught me very well. My whole issue is, I am not ready to lose her. There is so much she needs to see me achieve; I need her here to continue to be proud of me. 

“Shayla, My mother whispered as she slowly walked in my room. It’s time to get up honey.”

“I wake mom; I said as I turned over to face her. I’ve been up for about an hour now.”

As my mother sat down on the side of my bed, she started talking to me as she was rubbing my arm. “Shayla, regardless of what the scan is today, please don’t let it stress you dear. I understand what’s going on inside my body, and I know that there is a fifty-fifty chance it can go either way. I am prepared for whichever way God sees fit. “

“I know mom, I said as I started sitting up. I am scared of what he will say, though.”

“I know baby girl, but God is in control so let’s allow him to do his will.” She kissed me on my forehead and walked out of my room. 

When my mom walked out the room, I noticed her walk looked a little stronger today, and I also noticed that her face appeared to be clearer than it has been lately. That just scared me more. I remember somebody telling me before that sometimes when someone is about to die, they may get a burst of energy that will last a couple of days before passing on. Of course, that’s what I thought because of my fears.

My mother and I finally reached the treatment center and signed in. When the doctor called us into the room, I was trying to read his face. His face looked blank and serious, and that scared me. We sat down, and I got prepared to hear the devastating news, and I prepared myself to be strong for my mother.

“Carolyn, Doctor Levy said as he picked her chart up. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell you this, so I decided just to be as firm and direct as I can. 


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