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Floating Darkness

Just as Gina starts walking upstairs, she hears a faint noise coming from the upstairs hallway. She pauses as she listens quietly, trying to figure out what the noise is. She stands quietly on the steps for a good five minutes, nothing. She chuckles to herself as she blames the noises on her imagination. Earlier in the evening, Gina decided to watch a horror movie. In her mind, the thoughts of the movie has her hearing things.

Gina finally continues upstairs, only to hear the noise again as she reached the top of the stairs. The sound is a bit more aggressive this time, and it starts to frighten her. “Donnie!” Gina shouts in fear and frustration. “You play too much, don’t jump out on me, you know how my reflexes are!”

Gina became angry thinking her husband Donnie is trying to scare her. With her cup of hot tea in her hand, and her book under her arm, Gina starts walking fast into their bedroom. She opens the door and the room is pitch black. Feeling around on the wall for the light switch, Gina finds it, only to realize the light has blown out.

“Hmmpph!” Gina sighed loudly in frustration. “These lights are always blowing out!”

She carefully walks over to her bed in the dark room, so she can sit her tea and book on the nightstand. After sitting her things down, Gina hits the switch on the lamp on her nightstand. It doesn’t come on. Unsure of what’s going on, Gina quickly turns around so she can leave out the room. Her gut is telling her something isn’t right.

Her eyes starts to focus to the dark room, and she notices her husband laying in the bed sleep. Just as she starts to head for the bedroom door, a dark silhouette appears in the doorway. The silhouette was floating about a foot from the floor, Gina knew she had to do something. She turns to jump on the bed so she can get to the nightstand on her husbands side of the bed. He always kept a firearm in the drawer for protection. Gina was no stranger to firearms, and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

The moment she moved, the silhouette quickly floats towards her. Gina screamed as the silhouette towered over her now. The silhouettes arms wrap around Gina, and everything goes black..

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