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Bio: Hey, World! I am a mother, wife, author, coffee addict, new blogger, and all around happy and blessed woman! I made this blog, so I can share pieces of my life with you. This blog is not meant to be about one particular topic; I will share anything I find interesting, cute and crazy... All of the pictures that I post are not mine... Some are mine, but some come from Google search, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow me on my journey, I'm sharing my world, thoughts, and coffee in black and white, oh, and a little bit of pink! ​ ~Tracey Reddick~ Smoocheezzzzz!

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20 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank You for the warm welcome! I have always wanted to write poetry, but I simply don’t know how.. Lol.. I hope I’m blogging right, I feel nervous for some reason..

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  1. So, can I assume you are the author of A Cry for Help? I am a writer as well and working toward submitting my first work and would love another writer to connect with. All the best with your blog. I will go over and check out your facebook page as well.


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